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What's going on with our Catholic Priests?

Anti-Catholic 'Experts' Fuel Church's Scandals
Phil Brennan, NewsMax.com
Thursday, April 4, 2002

Veteran investigative reporter Michael S. Rose has written a frightening account of the corruption of the Roman Catholic seminary system in the United States. In "Goodbye! Good Men: How Catholic Seminaries Turned Away Two Generations of Vocations from the Priesthood" (Acquinas Publishing), Rose exposes the abuses that have driven honorable men faithful to the tenets of Roman Catholicism out of the seminaries and given preferential treatment to homosexuals and others wedded to unorthodox doctrines.

In his book, written before the latest abuse scandals erupted, Rose insists that the alleged shortage of priests is "artificial and contrived," the result of policies adopted by scores of dioceses for many years - policies that turned the seminary system on its head - and have now driven a stake through the heart of the Catholic Church in America.

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The Case for Caution in the Definition of "Brain Death" - An essay on the practice of using "brain death" as the basis for determining physical death and the abuses this has lead to. (PetersNet)

Same Sex Attraction Morality League - "Is dedicated to (a) the promotion of Christian sexual morality among those who experience same sex attraction and (b) their treatment with respect, compassion and sensitivity by others. The creator of this website hopes that each of you may find something herein useful, insightful or at least provocative, whether you be of a heterosexual, homosexual or mixed inclination, and whether you be an orthodox Catholic, a Christian believer or otherwise." Offers a balanced discussion of homosexuality and living with a same-sex attraction. Citations from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Key Biblical verses and quotes from the Church Fathers.

The Danger of Centering Prayer - By Rev. John D. Dreher. (PetersNet) A new and dangerous form of 'prayer' has been widely introduced into many parishes across the country.  Centering Prayer Seminars and weekly 'prayer goups' offer it as a relaxation technique, remedy for stress, or deeper form of meditation - targeting especially those who are not satisfied with their prayer life.  Many Catholics are told this is an ancient traditional form of monastic contemplative prayer - practiced by only a small number of advanced souls ...but are you ready for the truth?! 

Enneagram: A Modern Myth - Article from PetersNet. An examination of the Enneagram, a feature of the New Age Movement which has invaded Catholic spirituality at many retreat centers.

Labyrinths Latest Fad for Spiritual Seekers - An article about labyrinths & the 'maze craze' which reveals its less than Christian roots and promotion by those who are less than faithful to Catholic tradition. (PetersNet)

The Cross and The Veil - A web resource on "New Age" Issues creeping into the Catholic Church.  From Yoga to Reiki, from TM to Healing Touch, Catholics are embracing "new" ideas that can  be misleading and harmful both spiritually and emotionally.

The Wanderer National Weekly - 'News and commentary from an orthodox Catholic perspective for over 130 years. From vital issues affecting the Catholic Church to the political events which threaten our Catholic faith. The Wanderer is at the forefront every week with its timely coverage and its cutting edge editorials.'

Washing of Feet on Holy Thursday -  Regarding the controversial U.S. practice of washing women's feet on Holy Thursday. By Father Jerry Pokorsky

Warning Regarding the Writings of Fr. Teilhard de Chardin - On June 30, 1962, the Holy Office issued a monitum (warning) regarding the writings of Father Teilhard de Chardin. In 1981 the Holy See reiterated this warning against rumors that it no longer applied. This is the text of both the monitum and the 1981 statement. (PetersNet)

Theology of Liberation - An Article from PetersNet. (August 6, 1984), signed by Cardinal Ratzinger and approved by Pope John Paul II who ordered its publication in which it attempts to clarify its definition, origin and purpose, and warns of a Marxist influence subverting the meaning of some "theologies of liberation" working within the Church.

St. Catherine Review - A Catholic watchdog group defending the Faith.  Publishes articles relevant to the newest affronts to the Faith in their magazine by the same name.

The Renovation Manipulation - Renovation of our Catholic churches is an issue that has been tearing apart parishes for 35 years. Communion rails have been ripped out, tabernacles hidden, kneelers removed, pews replaced by portable chairs, statues sold to antique dealers, and priceless works of art lost. Are these costly renovations really necessary, many wonder?

Paulists' RENEW 2000 - Is it Just A Front For Call To Action? (Feature Article-Issue Date of 9-10-98 The Wanderer).  Editor's Note: Imagine a Catholic spiritual renewal program that teaches participants to pray pagan prayers to a female Jesus with a ring through her nose, to meditate using the techniques described by an Indian Jesuit the Holy See has judged a "grave danger to the faith," to read the works of a feminist Scripture scholar who speaks of "sacred sodomy," to commit sacrilege and blasphemy by creating their own liturgies, and to become involved in parish-based "social action" programs manipulated by the world's most powerful forces for secularism, materialism, and hedonism.  Imagine such a program having an imprimatur. For many Catholics across the United States, this very program is being pushed by their chancery apparatchiks and parish leaders, as this special two-part report by Beth Roney Drennan makes clear.

Our Lady's Warriors - In Defense of the Catholic Faith. Beware of 'RENEW 2000'.

'Disciples in Mission' - Warning: "Disciples in Mission is a Paulist program for evangelization. We have reason to believe this program is problematic for Catholics who wish to become engaged in the "new evangelization" widely promoted by the Holy Father." (PetersNet)

Conservative Catholic.Com - Warning: There's a new program being introduced as a religious education class starting with Kindergarten on through to grade 8, 'Growing in Love' is a  sugar-coated Sex Education program written by a Paulist priest. This person has written many articles that tend to defend homosexuality and openly apologize to them for the way that the Catholics have treated them in the past. (The Paulist Fathers fully support the Gay and Lesbian ministry and in fact, much information on this life style can be found from the Paulist Press). There is little or no information available on the internet that parents can acquire information on this program, so any information told to them by their school is the only information that they will receive as to the content of this new program.  This page is meant to inform parents, educators, church officials as to the true content of this program. 

The Holocaust & The Church - The Catholic Church's response to the Holocaust.

Communion In The Hand: An Historical View - How exactly did this curious practice originate?

EWTN Frequently Asked Questions In The Expert Forums - Answers all your questions.  Subjects include: Ron O'Brien & His Miraculous Hosts, The Campaign Against Mary, Medjugorge, Outside The Church There Is No Salvation, The Third Secret of Fatima, The Toronto Blessing, The Charismatic Renewal, Astrology, psychics and others, Traditionalism, Louisa Piccaretta's Divine Will Movement, Abortion & Excommunication ...and much more.